Wahid and His Special Friend

By Robyn Abdusamad


After reading the book, ask the following questions below for discussion.




  1. Who did Wahid like to have read to him daily?

  2. During pretend play, who did Wahid like to dress up as?

  3. When Wahid was tired, what did he do?

  4. Give (3) words to describe Wahid’s special friend.

  5. What did Wahid say before he fell asleep?

  6. What was Wahid’s special friend?

  7. Who / What is your special friend and why?





  1. His mother and father

  2. Little drummer boy

  3. Go to his room, climb onto his bed, fluffed his pillow and laid down.

  4. Cute, comforting and almost one inch tall

  5. Hello Thumbkin

  6. His thumb

  7. Children engage in share and tell with this question; allow 5 – 10 min